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PILLARBOX TRADING Ltd - is a Wholesale Business

We Specialise in Bespoke as well as Standard Packaging Solutions covering versatile needs of our vast client base.

Order Placements 

Pillarbox Trading Limited is a Wholesale Business Only

Please request copy of Account Opening Application Form.

Once your account is open, we will set up credit limit subject to availability.

Once Account is open, we will send you Order Form

We fulfill your order as per Order Form and Delivery to your door steps

Our Delivery Turnaround time is 24-48 hours depending.

All Order placed before 12 pm on the day will be dealt with the same day.








Food Containers

We do range of food containers in order to cater for catering needs of catering businesses.

We also sell range of food containers for domestic use.

Please Contact our sales team for Assistance.

Bubble Wrap

We Manufacture bubble wrap for our customers according to their Industry, Product needs and quality requirements.

Please contact our sales team for Assistance.

Packaging Boxes 

We do range of Packaging boxes in different sizes, strengths and variants. Please sell almost every type of box.

We will definitely have something in your stock, so please feel fee to contact our sale steam for Assistance.

Pizza Boxes

We source branded and non-branded Pizza boxes according to our clients requirements and sell direct to our customers on wholesale rates.

You can also have the boxes custom made to your requirements, please feel free to contact our sales for assistance.



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0044 (0) 207 117 2613



0044 (0) 207 117 2613

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